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Predicting a live birth by artificial intelligence incorporating both the blastocyst image and conventional embryo evaluation parameters  
Yasunari Miyagi, Toshihiro Habara, Rei Hirata, Nobuyoshi Hayashi 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 1(3):94-107. Published online Sep 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i3.94
Acoustic concept based on an autonomous capsule and a wideband concentric ring resonator for pathophysiological prevention  
Amina Medjdoub, Fabrice Lefebvre, Nadine Saad, Saïd Soudani, Georges Nassar 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 1(1):50-64. Published online Jun 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i1.50
Current trends of artificial intelligence in cancer imaging  
Francesco Verde, Valeria Romeo, Arnaldo Stanzione, Simone Maurea 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 1(3):87-93. Published online Sep 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i3.87
Breast dynamic contrast-enhanced-magnetic resonance imaging and radiomics: State of art  
Alessia Orlando, Mariangela Dimarco, Roberto Cannella, Tommaso Vincenzo Bartolotta 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 1(1):6-18. Published online Jun 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i1.6
Machine learning for diagnosis of coronary artery disease in computed tomography angiography: A survey  
Feng-Jun Zhao, Si-Qi Fan, Jing-Fang Ren, Karen M von Deneen, Xiao-Wei He, Xue-Li Chen 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 1(1):31-39. Published online Jun 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i1.31
Applications of artificial intelligence in common pulmonary diseases  
Saiara Choudhury, Asad Chohan, Rahul Dadhwal, Abhay P Vakil, Rene Franco, Pahnwat Tonya Taweesedt 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 3(1):1-7. Published online Feb 28, 2022. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v3.i1.1
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy vs Alzheimer’s dementia: Diagnostic conundrum  
Jamie Arberry, Sarneet Singh, Ruth Akiyo Mizoguchi 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 1(1):65-69. Published online Jun 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i1.65
Current landscape and potential future applications of artificial intelligence in medical physics and radiotherapy  
Wing-Yan Ip, Fu-Ki Yeung, Shang-Peng Felix Yung, Hong-Cheung Jeffrey Yu, Tsz-Him So, Varut Vardhanabhuti 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(2):37-55. Published online Apr 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i2.37
Artificial intelligence in ophthalmology: A new era is beginning  
Bijnya Birajita Panda, Subhodeep Thakur, Sumita Mohapatra, Subhabrata Parida 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(1):5-12. Published online Feb 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i1.5
Rising role of artificial intelligence in image reconstruction for biomedical imaging  
Xue-Li Chen, Tian-Yu Yan, Nan Wang, Karen M von Deneen 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 1(1):1-5. Published online Jun 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i1.1
Intrathyroidal ectopic thymus: Ultrasonographic features and differential diagnosis  
Erdal Karavas, Oguzhan Tokur, Sonay Aydın, Dilek Gokharman, Cigdem Uner 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(2):32-36. Published online Apr 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i2.32
New Year's greeting and overview of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging in 2021  
Yun-Xiaojian Wu, Jun Shen 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(1):1-4. Published online Feb 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i1.1
Artificial intelligence in coronary computed tomography angiography  
Zhe-Zhe Zhang, Yan Guo, Yang Hou 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(3):73-85. Published online Jun 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i3.73
Artificial intelligence and pituitary adenomas: A review  
Elvira Guerriero, Lorenzo Ugga, Renato Cuocolo 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 1(2):70-77. Published online Aug 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i2.70
Application of machine learning in oral and maxillofacial surgery  
Kai-Xin Yan, Lei Liu, Hui Li 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(6):104-114. Published online Dec 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i6.104
Current status of deep learning in abdominal image reconstruction  
Guang-Yuan Li, Cheng-Yan Wang, Jun Lv 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(4):86-94. Published online Aug 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i4.86
Advances and horizons for artificial intelligence of endoscopic screening and surveillance of gastric and esophageal disease  
Byung Soo Yoo, Kevin V Houston, Steve M D'Souza, Alsiddig Elmahdi, Isaac Davis, Ana Vilela, Parth J Parekh, David A Johnson 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 3(3):70-86. Published online Jun 28, 2022. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v3.i3.70
Applications of artificial intelligence in lung ultrasound: Review of deep learning methods for COVID-19 fighting  
Laura De Rosa, Serena L'Abbate, Claudia Kusmic, Francesco Faita 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 3(2):42-54. Published online Apr 28, 2022. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v3.i2.42
Artificial intelligence: Advances and new frontiers in medical imaging  
Marc R Fromherz, Mina S Makary 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 3(2):33-41. Published online Apr 28, 2022. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v3.i2.33
Application of radiomics in hepatocellular carcinoma: A review  
Zhi-Cheng Jin, Bin-Yan Zhong 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(3):64-72. Published online Jun 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i3.64
Implementation of lung ultrasound in the triage of pregnant women during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemics  
Arzu Bilge Tekin, Murat Yassa 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(3):56-63. Published online Jun 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i3.56
Chest ultrasound in neonates: What neonatologists should know  
Adel Salah Bediwy, Mohammed Al-Biltagi, Jameel Ahmed Nazeer, Nermin Kamal Saeed 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 3(1):8-20. Published online Feb 28, 2022. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v3.i1.8
Enhancing medical-imaging artificial intelligence through holistic use of time-tested key imaging and clinical parameters: Future insights   
Prakash Nadkarni, Suleman Adam Merchant 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 3(3):55-69. Published online Jun 28, 2022. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v3.i3.55
Artificial intelligence in ophthalmology and visual sciences: Current implications and future directions  
Smaha Jahangir, Hashim Ali Khan 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(5):95-103. Published online Oct 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i5.95
Development of tomographic reconstruction for three-dimensional optical imaging: From the inversion of light propagation to artificial intelligence  
Xin Cao, Kang Li, Xue-Li Xu, Karen M von Deneen, Guo-Hua Geng, Xue-Li Chen 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 1(2):78-86. Published online Aug 28, 2020. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v1.i2.78
Role of artificial intelligence in early detection and screening for pancreatic adenocarcinoma  
Kenneth Weicong Lin, Tiing Leong Ang, James Weiquan Li 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 3(2):21-32. Published online Apr 28, 2022. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v3.i2.21
Radiomics: Status quo and future challenges  
Zhi-Yun Jiang, Li-Shuang Qi, Jia-Tong Li, Nan Cui, Wei Li, Wei Liu, Ke-Zheng Wang 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 3(4):87-96. Published online Dec 28, 2022. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v3.i4.87
Pictorial research of pancreas with artificial intelligence and simulacra in the works of Fellini  
Hiroki Tahara 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 2(6):115-117. Published online Dec 28, 2021. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v2.i6.115
Evaluation of computer aided detection during colonoscopy among Veterans: Randomized clinical trial  
Mike T Wei, Yu Chen, Susan Y Quan, Jennifer Y Pan, Robert J Wong, Shai Friedland 
Artif Intell Med Imaging 4(1):1-9. Published online Dec 8, 2023. doi: 10.35711/aimi.v4.i1.1