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The World Journal of Orthopedics (WJO) is a leading academic journal devoted to reporting the latest, cutting-edge research progress and findings of basic research and clinical practice in the field of orthopedics.  It was launched on November 18, 2010 and is published monthly (12 issues annually) by BPG, the world's leading professional clinical medical journal publishing company.


We encourage orthopedists worldwide to submit manuscripts to the WJO describing their original basic or clinical research findings that are of high academic value and which report new diagnostic techniques or summarize their treatment experiences.


The usual times related to all publication processes of the WJO are as follows: (1) From manuscript receipt to peer-review: 2-4 weeks; (2) From initial manuscript acceptance, with revisions, to return of the revised manuscript from the authors: 4-5 weeks; (3) From return of the revised manuscript from the authors to final acceptance: 1-2 weeks; (4) From final acceptance to an article in press: 2 days; and (5) From article in press designation to formal release of the electronic version and all online documentation: 2-9 weeks.The WJO’s acceptance rate: 44%. Submit here >>

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Contents Volume 7  Issue 5  May 18, 2016
Management of metal-on-metal hip implant patients: Who, when and how to revise?  
Reshid Berber, John A Skinner, Alister J Hart
World J Orthop 7(5):272-279. Published online May 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i5.272
Bernese periacetabular osteotomy for hip dysplasia: Surgical technique and indications  
Atul F Kamath
World J Orthop 7(5):280-286. Published online May 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i5.280
Controversial role of arthroscopic meniscectomy of the knee: A review  
Austin Y Ha, Robert M Shalvoy, Anne Voisinet, Jennifer Racine, Roy K Aaron
World J Orthop 7(5):287-292. Published online May 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i5.287
Resection and reconstruction of pelvic and extremity soft tissue sarcomas with major vascular involvement: Current concepts  
Niall P McGoldrick, Joseph S Butler, Maire Lavelle, Stephen Sheehan, Sean Dudeney, Gary C O'Toole
World J Orthop 7(5):293-300. Published online May 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i5.293
Valgus osteotomy for nonunion and neglected neck of femur fractures  
Viju Daniel Varghese, Abel Livingston, P R Boopalan, Thilak S Jepegnanam
World J Orthop 7(5):301-307. Published online May 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i5.301
Prospective Study
From Cape Town to Cambridge: Orthopaedic trauma in contrasting environments  
John E Lawrence, Vikas Khanduja
World J Orthop 7(5):308-314. Published online May 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i5.308
Systematic Reviews
Management of lumbar zygapophysial (facet) joint pain  
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, Joshua A Hirsch, Frank J E Falco, Mark V Boswell
World J Orthop 7(5):315-337. Published online May 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i5.315
Case Report
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infected gluteal compartment syndrome with rhabdomyolysis in a bodybuilder  
Colin Y L Woon, Kushal R Patel, Benjamin A Goldberg
World J Orthop 7(5):338-342. Published online May 18, 2016. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i5.338