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Open-Access Journal
Non-invasive methods for liver fibrosis prediction in hemochromatosis: One step beyond 
Agustin Castiella, Eva Zapata, José M Alústiza 
World J Hepatol 2(7):251-255. Published online Jul 27, 2010. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v2.i7.251
Guidelines For Clinical Practice
Alpha-fetoprotein specific CD4 and CD8 T cell responses in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma 
Shahriar Behboudi, Stephen P Pereira 
World J Hepatol 2(7):256-260. Published online Jul 27, 2010. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v2.i7.256
Acute esophageal variceal bleeding: Current strategies and new perspectives 
Salvador Augustin, Antonio González, Joan Genescà 
World J Hepatol 2(7):261-274. Published online Jul 27, 2010. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v2.i7.261
Pediatric nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: A clinical and laboratory challenge 
Lucia Pacifico, Eleonora Poggiogalle, Vito Cantisani, Guendalina Menichini, Paolo Ricci, Flavia Ferraro, Claudio Chiesa 
World J Hepatol 2(7):275-288. Published online Jul 27, 2010. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v2.i7.275
Case Report
Paraparesis caused by transarterial chemoembolization: A case report 
Kashif Tufail, Victor Araya, Ashaur Azhar, David Hertzog, Kamran Khanmoradi, Jorge Ortiz 
World J Hepatol 2(7):289-291. Published online Jul 27, 2010. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v2.i7.289
Resection of a rapid-growing 40-cm giant liver hemangioma 
Andreas JM Koszka, Fabio G Ferreira, Caio GG de Aquino, Maurício A Ribeiro, André S Gallo, Elisa MC Aranzana, Luiz A Szutan 
World J Hepatol 2(7):292-294. Published online Jul 27, 2010. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v2.i7.292