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Full Name: Di Minno Matteo 

Affiliation: Department of Translational Medical Sciences, Federico II University, Naples, Italy

Telephone: +390817464323


Academic Qualifications

- 21.07.2006: Degree in Medicine

- 31.07.2012: Internal Medicine Board Certification

- 21.05.2015: PhD in Clinical Pathophysiology and Experimental Medicine

- 24.05.2017: II level Master in haemophilia and thrombosis


Current and Previous Positions:

- December 2017-ongoing: Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine (RTD-b), Federico II University of Naples

- December 2015-December 2017: Assistant Professor of Cardiology (RTD-a), Federico II University of Naples

- March 2017-ongoing: Member of the coordinating board of the PhD course in “Advanced clinical and surgical techniques, Federico II University, Naples, Italy

- June 2014-December 2015: Research Fellow, Centro Cardiologico Monzino, IRCCS, Milan, Italy

- 2013-2015: Consultant physician, Federico II University Hospital, Naples, Italy

- 2012-2015: PhD student in Clinical Pathophysiology and Experimental Medicine, Federico II University Hospital, Naples, Italy

- 2007-2012: Attending physician, Federico II University, Naples, Italy 


Previous Project Activity:

2014-2017: Principal investigator of the project founded by the Italian Ministry of Health “Biomarkers of cardiovascular risk and disease activity in patients with psoriatic arthritis: modifications induced by treatment with TNF-alpha blockers (GR-2011-02352752)”

2017-ongoing: Unit coordinator for the project founded by the Italian Ministry of Health “Epigenetics and prediction of Breast Cancer Risk: the role of circulating miRNA and the interaction with metabolic abnormalities (GR-2016-02361142)

2017-ongoing: CO-INVESTIGATOR for the projects “SAL. SA.” (SALERNO SALUTE) STUDIO E PREVENZIONE DELL’ATEROSCLEROSI, founded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development “Horizon 2020– PON 2014/2020”

2008-2011 CO-INVESTIGATOR for the “PRIN 2008: Farmacogenetica degli antiaggreganti: identificazione di varianti geniche comuni quali alleli di suscettibilità per una farmacoterapia su base individuale”



June 2017: 2017 “Galeno Award” for Clinical and Experimental Research

November 2017: “Young Research Proposal Award” assigned by Italian Association of Haemophilia Centers with the project entitled “Self-performed ultrasound to identify joint bleedings in haemophilia patients: the SPeS (Self-Performed Sonography) Study”

Included among Top Italian Scientists (http://www.topitalianscientists.org/top_italian_scientists.aspx)


Brief Summary of Relevant Clinical Research Experience:

Venous and arterial thrombosis:

- Subclinical atherosclerosis and endothelial function in different clinical settings

- Cardiovascular risk in rheumatic patients: Principal Investigator of the CaRRDs project

- Thrombophilia with a focus on antithrombin deficiency

- Atypical sites thrombosis: co-investigatory of the ISTH registries on cerebral and splanchnic vein thrombosis

- Non-Vitamin K Oral Anticoagulants (NOACs): safety and efficacy in high risk populations


Clinical and pathophysiological characteristics of major inherited bleeding disorders.

- Haemophilia: Arthropathy: prevalence and ultrasound early diagnosis

- FVII deficiency: Predictors of severity of the disease, Management of surgical procedures, The women issue

- Glanzmann’s thrombastenia: Clinical features and bleeding management


Author of 214 full-length papers on international peer reviewed journals with an H-index: 29 (source Scopus)