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Topic Highlight
Reconstruction options for acetabular revision 
Erica D Taylor, James A Browne 
World J Orthop 3(7):95-100. Published online Jul 18, 2012. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v3.i7.95
Establishing proof of concept: Platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow aspirate concentrate may improve cartilage repair following surgical treatment for osteochondral lesions of the talus 
Niall A Smyth, Christopher D Murawski, Amgad M Haleem, Charles P Hannon, Ian Savage-Elliott, John G Kennedy 
World J Orthop 3(7):101-108. Published online Jul 18, 2012. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v3.i7.101
Case Report
Giant pseudomeningocele after spinal surgery: A case report 
Prepram Srilomsak, Kazuma Okuno, Toshihiko Sakakibara, Zhuo Wang, Yuichi Kasai 
World J Orthop 3(7):109-113. Published online Jul 18, 2012. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v3.i7.109