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Cost benefit analysis of the use of tranexamic acid in primary lower limb arthroplasty: A retrospective cohort study
Browse: 241   Download: 707   Issue Date: 2015-12-17
Fractures in sport: Optimising their management and outcome
Browse: 309   Download: 511   Issue Date: 2015-12-17
Anterior knee pain following primary total knee arthroplasty
Browse: 289   Download: 609   Issue Date: 2015-11-12
Conversion total hip arthroplasty: Primary or revision total hip arthroplasty
Browse: 241   Download: 733   Issue Date: 2015-11-12
“Push back” technique: A simple method to remove broken drill bit from the proximal femur
Browse: 304   Download: 703   Issue Date: 2015-11-12
Comminuted olecranon fracture fixation with pre-contoured plate: Comparison of composite and cadaver bones
Browse: 344   Download: 1036   Issue Date: 2015-10-18
Cystic lesion around the hip joint
Browse: 381   Download: 778   Issue Date: 2015-10-18
Is two-stage reimplantation effective for virulent pathogenic infection in a periprosthetic hip? A retrospective analysis
Browse: 323   Download: 1009   Issue Date: 2015-10-18
Recent biological trends in management of fracture non-union
Browse: 330   Download: 859   Issue Date: 2015-09-16
Adiposity and spinal cord injury
Browse: 362   Download: 774   Issue Date: 2015-09-16
Total hip replacement for arthritis following tuberculosis of hip
Browse: 370   Download: 941   Issue Date: 2015-09-16
Cost analysis and outcomes of simple elbow dislocations
Browse: 314   Download: 1018   Issue Date: 2015-08-15
Predictors of spine deformity progression in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: A systematic review with meta-analysis
Browse: 363   Download: 1272   Issue Date: 2015-08-15
Can tranexamic acid change preoperative anemia management during total joint arthroplasty?
Browse: 351   Download: 1530   Issue Date: 2015-08-15
Bone graft substitutes for spine fusion: A brief review
Browse: 338   Download: 1156   Issue Date: 2015-07-13
Analysing the outcome of surgery for chronic Achilles tendinopathy over the last 50 years
Browse: 378   Download: 1142   Issue Date: 2015-07-13
Evaluation of current surgeon practice for patients undergoing lumbar spinal fusion surgery in the United Kingdom
Browse: 345   Download: 1226   Issue Date: 2015-07-13
Importance of balance and profile in adult spinal reconstruction
Browse: 400   Download: 1025   Issue Date: 2015-06-03
Economic factors in the future delivery of spinal healthcare
Browse: 338   Download: 906   Issue Date: 2015-06-03
Neuromuscular control and rehabilitation of the unstable ankle
Browse: 353   Download: 1032   Issue Date: 2015-06-03