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Allergy in total knee replacement surgery: Is it a real problem?
Browse: 155   Download: 190   Issue Date: 2019-02-18
An update on diagnosis and management of cuboid fractures
Browse: 151   Download: 203   Issue Date: 2019-02-18
Osteoarticular manifestations of human brucellosis: A review
Browse: 129   Download: 179   Issue Date: 2019-02-18
Long-term results of an anatomically implanted hip arthroplasty with a short stem prosthesis (MiniHipTM)
Browse: 439   Download: 385   Issue Date: 2018-10-18
Dose of alendronate directly increases trabeculae expansivity without altering bone volume in rat femurs
Browse: 334   Download: 264   Issue Date: 2018-10-18
Effect of opioid dependence or abuse on opioid utilization after shoulder arthroplasty
Browse: 332   Download: 248   Issue Date: 2018-08-18
Periosteal pseudotumor in complex total knee arthroplasty resembling a neoplastic process
Browse: 521   Download: 372   Issue Date: 2018-05-18
Why total knees fail-A modern perspective review
Browse: 472   Download: 310   Issue Date: 2018-04-18
Snapping elbow-A guide to diagnosis and treatment
Browse: 418   Download: 345   Issue Date: 2018-04-18
Acetabular components with or without screws in total hip arthroplasty
Browse: 578   Download: 560   Issue Date: 2017-09-13
Benefits of Ilizarov automated bone distraction for nerves and articular cartilage in experimental leg lengthening
Browse: 491   Download: 404   Issue Date: 2017-09-13
Mesenchymal stem cells for cartilage regeneration in osteoarthritis
Browse: 444   Download: 279   Issue Date: 2017-09-13
Functional outcomes of traumatic and non-traumatic rotator cuff tears after arthroscopic repair
Browse: 311   Download: 666   Issue Date: 2017-08-11
Ponseti method treatment of neglected idiopathic clubfoot: Preliminary results of a multi-center study in Nigeria
Browse: 413   Download: 883   Issue Date: 2017-08-11
Synthesis of evidence for the treatment of intersection syndrome
Browse: 226   Download: 721   Issue Date: 2017-08-11
Predicting lower limb periprosthetic joint infections: A review of risk factors and their classification
Browse: 540   Download: 876   Issue Date: 2017-05-12
Frozen shoulder - A prospective randomized clinical trial
Browse: 557   Download: 1068   Issue Date: 2017-05-12
Functional outcome of tibial fracture with acute compartment syndrome and correlation to deep posterior compartment pressure
Browse: 410   Download: 515   Issue Date: 2017-05-12
Variability in conflict of interest disclosures by physicians presenting trauma research
Browse: 477   Download: 648   Issue Date: 2017-04-18
Effect of a specialized injury prevention program on static balance, dynamic balance and kicking accuracy of young soccer players
Browse: 476   Download: 911   Issue Date: 2017-04-18