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Comparison between the therapeutic effects of differentiated and undifferentiated Wharton's jelly mesenchymal stem cells in rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes
Browse: 123   Download: 156   Issue Date: 2020-02-26
Clonal isolation of endothelial colony forming cells from early gestation chorionic villi of human placenta for fetal tissue regeneration
Browse: 112   Download: 153   Issue Date: 2020-02-26
Cartilage and bone tissue engineering using adipose stromal/stem cells spheroids as building blocks
Browse: 118   Download: 131   Issue Date: 2020-02-26
Mesenchymal stem cells from different sources and their derived exosomes: A pre-clinical perspective
Browse: 115   Download: 116   Issue Date: 2020-02-26
Early therapeutic effect of platelet rich fibrin combined with allogenic bone marrow-derived stem cells on rats' critical sized mandibular defects
Browse: 174   Download: 127   Issue Date: 2020-01-26
Sphere-forming corneal cells repopulate dystrophic keratoconic stroma: Implications for potential therapy
Browse: 128   Download: 112   Issue Date: 2020-01-26
Inducing human induced pluripotent stem cell differentiation through embryoid bodies: A practical and stable approach
Browse: 150   Download: 93   Issue Date: 2020-01-26
Regeneration of the central nervous system-principles from brain regeneration in adult zebrafish
Browse: 167   Download: 105   Issue Date: 2020-01-26
Adipose stromal/stem cells in regenerative medicine: Potentials and limitations
Browse: 155   Download: 104   Issue Date: 2020-01-26
Mechanoresponse of stem cells for vascular repair
Browse: 160   Download: 221   Issue Date: 2019-12-26
Small molecules for mesenchymal stem cell fate determination
Browse: 152   Download: 230   Issue Date: 2019-12-26
Three-dimensional cell culture systems as an in vitro platform for cancer and stem cell modeling
Browse: 174   Download: 254   Issue Date: 2019-12-26
Influence of olive oil and its components on mesenchymal stem cell biology
Browse: 140   Download: 219   Issue Date: 2019-12-26
Induced pluripotent stem cells for therapy personalization in pediatric patients: Focus on drug induced adverse events
Browse: 146   Download: 236   Issue Date: 2019-12-26
Developments in cell culture systems for human pluripotent stem cells
Browse: 214   Download: 226   Issue Date: 2019-11-26
Cytokine interplay among the diseased retina, inflammatory cells and mesenchymal stem cells - a clue to stem cell-based therapy
Browse: 186   Download: 204   Issue Date: 2019-11-26
CRISPR/Cas system: An emerging technology in stem cell research
Browse: 210   Download: 190   Issue Date: 2019-11-26
Colon cancer stemness as a reversible epigenetic state: Implications for anticancer therapies
Browse: 161   Download: 217   Issue Date: 2019-11-26
Unexpected encounter of the parasitic kind
Browse: 180   Download: 138   Issue Date: 2019-11-26
Aging: A cell source limiting factor in tissue engineering
Browse: 153   Download: 194   Issue Date: 2019-10-26