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Professor Antonello D'Andrea, First-level Medical Assistant, discipline Cardiology, since May 2005 with permanent contracts, is the Division of Cardiology at the Second Uni-versity Naples of the AO Monaldi Naples. Head of the ICU of the cardiology Department of the Second University of Naples (Italy). Director of the Departmental Unit of the Integrated Diagnostic Cardiology - Hospitals AORN Hills – Monaldi - Naples. In the management of these activities, he is devoted to the performance of the entire non-invasive diagnostic cardiology in the acute and chronic patients, including transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, three-dimensional echo, transcranial ultrasound, the peripheral vascular echo-color-Doppler, the physical and pharmacological stress echocardiogram, the cardiopulmonary exercise testing, the cardiac magnetic resonance. Currently, Director of the Complex Unit of the Cardiology – Umberto I Hospital Nocera Inf (ASL Salerno) .