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Name of Journal World Journal of Dermatology
Title Abbreviation World J Dermatol
ISSN 2218-6190 (online)
DOI 10.5314
Background World Journal of Dermatology (WJD, World J Dermatol) is a high-quality, online, open-access, single-blind peer-reviewed journal published by the Baishideng Publishing Group (BPG). WJD accepts both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts. Articles published in WJD are high-quality, basic and clinical, influential research articles by established academic authors as well as new researchers. The paramount objective of WJD is to showcase and promote distinguished research in the field of dermatology, to help advance development of this field. The types of articles published in WJD include Editorial, Opinion Review, Frontier, Review, Minireview, Basic Study, Clinical Research, Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, Evidence-based Medicine, Field of Vision, Clinical Guidelines, Letter to the Editor, and Case Report.
Aim The primary aim of WJD is to provide scholars and readers from various fields of dermatology with a platform to publish high-quality basic and clinical research articles and communicate their research findings online. In order to ensure the quality, timeliness, fairness, and transparency of publication, WJD has implemented a variety of measures as follows:
First, authors must prepare their articles according to the appropriate international publication recommendations, including the STROBE Statement, CONSORT 2010 Statement, PRISMA 2009 Checklist, and CARE Checklist – 2016: Information for writing a case report.
Second, articles published in WJD must undergo rigorous cross-international peer review. WJD peer reviewers come from different countries, chosen independently by artificial intelligence technique or our editorial office, and not by the authors, to ensure fairness and integrity of the peer review.
Third, designation of co-first authors and/or co-corresponding authors is not permitted.
Fourth, WJD accepts a manuscript for publication based on its novelty, innovativeness, data accuracy, image reliability, clear language expression, and ethical requirements.
Of note, peer reviewers are advised to complete their peer review within 7 days, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the scientific and linguistic quality of the manuscript.
Fifth, BPG adopts a 7-day publishing management policy. This means that each step of the publishing process, including manuscript preview, peer review, manuscript revision by authors, final acceptance, language editing, and production, and release, must be completed within 7 days.
Finally, the peer review report, author’s response to the peer review report, biostatistics review certificate, copyright license agreement, institutional ethics committee approval document, informed consent document(s), conflict-of-interest statement, CrossCheck detection report, authors’ personal ORCID numbers, funding information, language editing certificate, and other relevant documents will be published online along with the article to allow for an open and transparent publishing process.

WJD mainly publishes articles reporting research results obtained in the field of dermatology and covering a wide range of topics, including acneiform eruptions, acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis, angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia, breast diseases, cutaneous fistula, dermatitis, dermatomyositis, erythema, exanthema, facial dermatoses, foot diseases, hair diseases, hand dermatoses, keratoacanthoma, keratosis, leg dermatoses, lipomatosis, lupus erythematosus, mastocytosis, morgellons disease, nail diseases, necrobiotic disorders, necrolytic migratory erythema, nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy, panniculitis, photosensitivity disorders, pigmentation disorders, prurigo, pruritus, pyoderma, rosacea, scalp dermatoses, scleredema adultorum, localized scleroderma, systemic scleroderm, sebaceous gland diseases, skin abnormalities, eczematous skin diseases, genetic skin diseases, infectious skin diseases, metabolic skin diseases, papulosquamous skin diseases, vascular skin diseases, vesiculobullous skin diseases, skin neoplasms, skin ulcer, sweat gland diseases, and juvenile xanthogranuloma.

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