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Perioperative steroid administration reduces overall complications in patients undergoing liver resection: A meta-analysis
Browse: 63   Download: 111   Issue Date: 2021-09-27
Quality of life after colorectal surgery: A prospective study of patients compared with their spouses
Browse: 60   Download: 116   Issue Date: 2021-09-27
Comparison of perioperative outcomes between laparoscopic and open partial splenectomy in children and adolescents
Browse: 59   Download: 149   Issue Date: 2021-09-27
How can probiotic improve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms?
Browse: 60   Download: 106   Issue Date: 2021-09-27
Current trends in three-dimensional visualization and real-time navigation as well as robot-assisted technologies in hepatobiliary surgery
Browse: 59   Download: 101   Issue Date: 2021-09-27
Genitourinary function and defecation after colorectal cancer surgery with low- and high-ligation of inferior mesenteric artery: A meta-analysis
Browse: 82   Download: 115   Issue Date: 2021-08-27
Impact of COVID-19 on presentation, management, and outcomes of acute care surgery for gallbladder disease and acute appendicitis
Browse: 61   Download: 137   Issue Date: 2021-08-27
Robotic transanal total mesorectal excision: Is the future now?
Browse: 60   Download: 89   Issue Date: 2021-08-27
Surgical complications in COVID-19 patients in the settings of moderate to severe disease
Browse: 64   Download: 82   Issue Date: 2021-08-27
Advances in endoscopic therapy using grasping-type scissors forceps (with video)
Browse: 68   Download: 91   Issue Date: 2021-08-27
Efficacy and safety of early oral feeding in postoperative patients with upper gastrointestinal tumor: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Browse: 103   Download: 129   Issue Date: 2021-07-27
Acute mesenteric ischemia and small bowel imaging findings in COVID-19: A comprehensive review of the literature
Browse: 79   Download: 114   Issue Date: 2021-07-27
Robotic donor hepatectomy: Are we there yet?
Browse: 66   Download: 128   Issue Date: 2021-07-27
Management of early rectal cancer; current surgical options and future direction
Browse: 84   Download: 145   Issue Date: 2021-07-27
Endoscopic ultrasound guided gastrojejunostomy for gastric outlet obstruction
Browse: 80   Download: 118   Issue Date: 2021-07-27
Acute pancreatitis and COVID-19: A literature review
Browse: 92   Download: 139   Issue Date: 2021-06-27
Efficacy of hybrid endoscopic submucosal dissection with SOUTEN in gastric lesions: an ex vivo porcine model basic study
Browse: 81   Download: 118   Issue Date: 2021-06-27
Association between acute pancreatitis and COVID-19 infection: What do we know?
Browse: 83   Download: 125   Issue Date: 2021-06-27
Special surgical approaches during peri-COVID-19 pandemic: Robotic and transanal minimally invasive surgery
Browse: 74   Download: 89   Issue Date: 2021-06-27
Borderline resectable pancreatic cancer: Certainties and controversies
Browse: 78   Download: 110   Issue Date: 2021-06-27