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Dr. Perrella is a MD and PhD involved in management of In and Out-patient Clinic in Infectious Disease as well as in research projects. Author of more than 90 publications on international Journals in the field of Infectious Disease, Immunology, Hepatology and Transplantation and mobile Health Technologies. Author of several chapters in Medical books as well as translator of several chapters in Medical Books on Infectious Disease and HIV. Authors of Software and Smartphone applications in Medical FieldsSocial Behavior and related Technology Researcher. Currently get scientific and clinical collaborations with: Liver Unit at King's College Medical School University, London, UK ( Prof Diego Vergani), Laboratory of Hepatitis and Related Emerging Agents, CBER, Food and Drug Administration, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA (Prof. Gerardo Kaplan). Clinical Activities: Management of Hepatitis, Management of HIV patientsManagement of Infections in ICU patients, Management of immuno-suppressed patients after Transplant, Management Clinical Trials in Infectious Disease, Transplant and Hepatitis, Management of Infectious disease complications in patients on waiting list for transplant, Use of Smartphone based technology in human and social behavior in patients with Infectious Disease and chronic illness. Specialty - Specializzazioni: Antiviral Treatment in Hepatitis and HIV, Immunosuppressive treatment - Terapia immunosoppressiva, Immune response in Viral - Fungal and Bacterial Infections ,Antibiotic/ Antifungal Treatment in ICU patients, Antibiotic/ Antifungal Treatment in Transplanted patients and after Major Abdominal Surgery, Diagnosis and Management of Bacterial, Fungal, Viral infections, Diagnosis and Management of Autoimmune disorders of the liver, Drug to Drug interactions in antifungal, antiviral and immunosuppressive treatment, Smartphone technologies in social behavior and chronic disease