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Associate Editor
I am a professor in the department of medicine, gastroenterology & hepatology section at Baylor College of Medicine since 2010. I am also a professor and chair in the department of Environmental and Preventive Medicine, Oita University Faculty of Medicine. Japan since 2009. After obtained M.D. in Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan, I received formal research training in the university and obtained Ph.D. In 1997, I started working in Baylor College of Medicine, and have been investigated the area of Helicobacter pylori virulence factors. My group had discovered two novel virulence factors in H. pylori, which I denoted outer inflammatory protein, OipA (PNAS 2000), and duodenal ulcer promoting (Gastroenterology 2005). There are important questions that whether H. pylori factors explain both the geographic differences in gastric cancer disease pattern and the role of H. pylori infection in gastric cancer and duodenal ulcer. Probably OipA is one of the key factors needed to answer the first question and DupA is a key factor needed to answer the second question. We also found that H. pylori can be used as a tool for helping predict the history of human migrations (Science 2003, Nature 2007, Science 2009) . Recently, we collaborates with many Asian countries for performing molecular epidemiology of H. pylori infection. I went to many Asian countries to perform and teach endoscopy and the number of H. pylori culture stocks obtained from the survey is more than 5,000 strains and we are now searching new collaborative partners in the world.