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Dr Sylvia Pender is a basic scientist interested in the effects of proteases under the influence of the mucosal immune response in the gut and in the nose as well as the detection of early stages of colorectal rectal cancer using biosensors. Her current research is focused on ageing and how stress can induce colitis and inflammation accelerates ageing. She has extensive experience on pre-clinical ex vivo explant models using human materials; and can isolate and culture primary cells to study gene expressions and mechanisms of diseases in various organs. She used animal models to study infection, inflammation, fibrosis and cancer. These models are used to investigate the anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic mediators potentially for therapeutic applications. In her laboratory, both protein analysis and molecular biology techniques are all in place. She also has access to core facilities at the University such as FACS, clean room, biomedical computing CT imaging etc. Her studies on matrix metalloproteinases in gut diseases have resulted in a number of awards and prizes. Sylvia was the lead coordinator and participant on two European Union FP7 collaborative grants. She is currently coordinating a thematic program (healthy ageing across the life course and immunity) with the A*STAR Graduate Academy in Singapore. She collaborates extensively worldwide particularly in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.