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Professor Mihajlo Michael Jakovljevic MD, PhD is an appointed WHO EACHR Committee member; published 200+ full length papers in indexed, high impact journals (Cumulative Impact Factor 1,500+; 30,000+ citations, Hirsch factor 47, I-10 index 112). He is European Health Economist and Clinical Pharmacology Specialist. So far he was holding Visiting Research or Teaching positions at Hosei University Tokyo, (Japanese National  Center for Population Aging), Health Economics Department, Lund University, Sweden, Vienna Medical University, Austria, Ghent University, Belgium, Aarhus University Denmark, DZA , Berlin Germany; ISEG Lisboa, Portugal and Ljubljana University, Slovenia. He is frequent speaker in the field, across Europe, Middle East and Far East. His scholarly work appeared in LANCET, Health Economics, Lancet  HIV, European Journal of Health Economics, Value in Health, Plos One, JAMA, Expert Reviews in Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, Journal of Medical Economics and top ranked clinical journals.  Many of the published studies were joint academic research projects with a variety of EU, US and Japanese universities funded by different national or federal funding agencies. These health economic estimates relate to conditions such as: risky pregnancies, depression, cancer, addiction disorders, COPD, diabetes and technologies ranging from radiation oncology, monoclonal antibodies, alternative and complementary medicine, psychotherapy, surgery, orthopaedic implants to the interventional radiology.  He is a member of IHEA, ISPOR, EuroCRIS, Japanese HEA; ISPOR Japan and ESBRA. For his deeds and professional standing he was the only nominated candidate for IHEA *(International Health Economics Association) board of Directors Election based in Eastern Europe, in spring 2015. Since 2016, Michael serves at the Academy of Medical Sciences Belgrade (established 1976) of The Serbian Medical Society (established 1872) being the youngest member ever elected in history of the Academy. Professor Jakovljevic’s long term focus of interest remains on health financing and affordability issues in the emerging global markets. Specialties: HEALTH ECONOMICS , PHARMACOECONOMICS , EMERGING MARKETS, EASTERN EUROPE, CEE/SEE regions, CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY.