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Dr. Xiao-Hui Zhou graduated from Fudan Univeristy and got his Ph.D. degree in 2004. And he continued his postodoctoral training at Dalhousie University, Canada, and Thomas Jefferson University USA, and worked as a research scholar at University of Pennsylvania, USA. In 2011, as an associate professor and PI, he joined to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, Fudan University, P.R.China, and promoted as professor in 2016. Dr. Zhou’s major research interest is to develop animal models for infectious diseases and to study on the immunological mechanisms, especially on microbe-host interactions, inflammatory responses pathways and cell death pathways against the infections. His studies on the influenza virus, hepatitis B virus, chlamydia, were supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NFSC), 973, Shanghai Natural Science Foundation and Shanghai Science and technology project of special fund for experimental animal models etc. The total budget has been about 4 millions in RMB since 2011. Dr. Zhou has published 18 peer-reviewed papers in SCI journals, including on Nature, J Biol Chem, Infect Immun, EMI, WJG etc. Currently, Dr. Zhou is a peer reviewer of several journals, including WJG, Plos One, Chinese Journal of Microbiology and Immunology et al, as well as hoc referee of Natural Science Foundation of China (NFSC) for grants’ reviewing.