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Professor Moustapha Hassan is currently director of Preclinical Laboratory, the preclinical research facility at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, Sweden, as well as Professor of Transplantation Research at Karolinska Institutet Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden. He was made professor in 2005, associate professor in 1994, received his doctorate from Uppsala University in 1978 and M.Sc. in Medical-Toxicology from Alexandria University, Egypt in 1974. Professor Hassan has extensive experience in teaching nurses, doctors, researchers and other medical professionals about cancer medicine and hematology. He is/has been supervisor to 46 Master, Licentiate, Doctoral and Postdoctoral students. He is a consultant to several hospitals in Sweden and many hospitals in Europe in for personalized treatment prior to stem cell transplantation and treatment for hematological malignancies. His particular focus has been on increasing treatment efficacy and reducing side effects for transplanted children. His research has resulted in several strategies to optimize treatment with busulfan/cyclophosphamide in stem cell transplantation. Professor Hassan developed a liposomal formulation enabling intravenous administration which is currently undergoing clinical trials. Professor Hassan’s current research projects focus on personalizing treatment through genome analysis, nanomedicine and improvement in pre-transplant medicine.