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My Ph.D thesis was about protective effect of resveratrol (which is an antioxidant molecule present as a polyphenolic component in red grape and red wine) on cerebral endothelial cells in  hypoxic conditions. My special interest areas are nutrition and nutritional disorders (obesity, malnutrition, nutritional impacts of spesific treatment modalities: ketogenic diet, protein restricted diets of metabolic disorders “phenylketonuria etc”) also inflammation affect on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Total number of my published studies about obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease are 15 (all of them were published in journals which are indexed in SCI or SCI-expanded list; 1 was a general review  on  inflammation and obesity: Arslan N, Erdur B, Aydın A. Hormones and cytokines in childhood obesity. Indian Pediatr 2010;47:829-39, citation number is 22, and 1 was an invited review for the special issue of World Journal of Gastroenterology: Arslan N. Obesity, fatty liver disease and intestinal microbiota. World J Gastroenterol 2014;20(44):16452-16463, citation number is 13). I completed 6 research projects about obesity and fatty liver disease. My future research goals are to examine different nutritional impacts on obesity and fatty liver disease also assess different nutritional results of ketogenic diet. Another important research area for me is the effect of intestinal microbiota on different human disorders.