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Currently an associate professor in family medicine in University Putra Malaysia. Has a focused research interest in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D), medical education and primary healthcare services. Previous experience working in national diabetes registry that examined determinants of diabetes care at public healthcare facilities. Experienced in emotional intelligence aspect of undergraduate education, personal aspiration of post-graduate training of general practitioners, ethical issues and evidence-based in family medicine training. Other interests include job satisfaction of family medicine specialist (FMS) and primary healthcare professionals, and perception of other public healthcare professionals towards FMS (PERMFAMS study). Have an inclination towards psychological aspects of patients, medical care and health services delivery (EDDMQoL and EDDMQoL-PRO studies). Other chronic diseases of interest is the primary care for cancer patients, empowerment of self-care in patients with T2D and hypertension, chronic care model in primary care, patient-centred care, shared-care and decision-making. Seeing a huge need and has a great interest to optimal care for the T2D patients at the primary care level. Looking into the most minimal and effective treatments and interventions such as psychological interventions to achieve treatment targets, alleviate emotional distress, and to improve quality of life. Completed a PhD thesis on ‘Handling emotional distress in Malaysian adults with type 2 diabetes’, through a Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis of psychological interventions for diabetes distress, and a couple of narrative reviews on the psychological aspects of diabetes care, and a cluster RCT on value-based emotion-focused education program for T2D with diabetes distress (VEMOFIT trial).