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Precision medicine for gastrointestinal cancer: Recent progress and future perspective
Browse: 104   Download: 49   Issue Date: 2019-12-31
Gastric partitioning for the treatment of malignant gastric outlet obstruction
Browse: 97   Download: 95   Issue Date: 2019-12-10
Asian Americans have better outcomes of non-metastatic gastric cancer compared to other United States racial groups: A secondary analysis from a randomized study
Browse: 86   Download: 93   Issue Date: 2019-12-10
Improved method for inducing chronic atrophic gastritis in mice
Browse: 90   Download: 68   Issue Date: 2019-12-10
Current status of the genetic susceptibility in attenuated adenomatous polyposis
Browse: 79   Download: 62   Issue Date: 2019-12-10
Observation or resection of pancreatic intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm: An ongoing tug of war
Browse: 75   Download: 63   Issue Date: 2019-12-10
Old vs new: Risk factors predicting early onset colorectal cancer
Browse: 183   Download: 143   Issue Date: 2019-11-15
Calponin 3 promotes invasion and drug resistance of colon cancer cells
Browse: 131   Download: 100   Issue Date: 2019-11-15
Non-coding RNA in drug resistance of gastric cancer
Browse: 125   Download: 131   Issue Date: 2019-11-15
Endothelial cells in colorectal cancer
Browse: 119   Download: 125   Issue Date: 2019-11-15
New era for pancreatic endoscopic ultrasound: From imaging to molecular pathology of pancreatic cancer
Browse: 111   Download: 105   Issue Date: 2019-11-15
Endoscopic management of esophageal cancer
Browse: 72   Download: 56   Issue Date: 2019-10-15
Precision medicine in gastric cancer
Browse: 116   Download: 74   Issue Date: 2019-10-15
Targeted agents for second-line treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma
Browse: 69   Download: 59   Issue Date: 2019-10-15
Race, the microbiome and colorectal cancer
Browse: 63   Download: 46   Issue Date: 2019-10-15
Cancer-specific metabolism: Promising approaches for colorectal cancer treatment
Browse: 96   Download: 56   Issue Date: 2019-10-15
MicroRNA-331 inhibits development of gastric cancer through targeting musashi1
Browse: 254   Download: 110   Issue Date: 2019-09-12
Tumor progression-dependent angiogenesis in gastric cancer and its potential application
Browse: 138   Download: 122   Issue Date: 2019-09-12
Current status of adjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer
Browse: 147   Download: 68   Issue Date: 2019-09-12
Premalignant lesions and gastric cancer: Current understanding
Browse: 143   Download: 80   Issue Date: 2019-09-12