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Angélique Gougelet, a molecular biologist, was graduated from oncology department, University Paris XI in 2007, for her work concerning estrogen receptor beta in breast cancers. She next worked for the Centre Léon Bérard in Lyon for three years, where she managed two post-doctoral projects: 1) a preclinical study in partnership with Opi company aiming to develop an anti-interleukin-6 antibody to treat lymphoma and myeloma cancers; 2) the development of a miRNA profiling platform for osteosarcoma as part of the European Rare Cancer Network of Excellence CONTICANET. Since October 2010, she joined the Cochin Institute in Paris in the group of Sabine Colnot, where she develops miRNA based projects using mouse models developing liver cancer. In particular, she demonstrates by deep-sequencing that β-catenin drives chromatin accessibility to control the expression of proliferative and metabolic programs. She importantly highlights the potency of an inhibitor against miR-34a for the subtype of tumors mutated for beta-catenin. She obtains its "Chargé de recherche" 1st class position in 2015. She published 11 original articles, 6 reviews and 1 book chapter.