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The World Journal of Cardiology (WJC) is a leading academic journal devoted to reporting the latest, cutting-edge research progress and findings of basic research and clinical practice in the field of cardiology.  It was launched on December 31, 2009 and is published monthly (12 issues annually) by BPG, the world's leading professional clinical medical journal publishing company.

We encourage cardiologists worldwide to submit manuscripts to the WJC describing their original basic or clinical research findings that are of high academic value and which report new diagnostic techniques or summarize their treatment experiences.

The usual times related to all publication processes of the WJC are as follows: (1) From manuscript receipt to peer-review: 2-4 weeks; (2) From initial manuscript acceptance, with revisions, to return of the revised manuscript from the authors: 4-5 weeks; (3) From return of the revised manuscript from the authors to final acceptance: 1-2 weeks; (4) From final acceptance to an article in press: 2 days; and (5) From article in press designation to formal release of the electronic version and all online documentation: 2-9 weeks. The WJC’s acceptance rate: 57%. Submit here >>

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Giuseppe De Luca, PhD, Assistant Professor; Jian-Jun Li, MD, PhD, Professor; Nathan D Wong, FACC, FAHA, PhD, Director, Professor


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1949-8462 (online)

Renal sympathetic denervation in therapy resistant hypertension - pathophysiological aspects and predictors for treatment success  
Karl Fengler, Karl Philipp Rommel, Thomas Okon, Gerhard Schuler, Philipp Lurz
World J Cardiol 8(8):436-446. Published online Aug 26, 2016. doi: 10.4330/wjc.v8.i8.436
12-lead electrocardiogram features of arrhythmic risk: A focus on early repolarization  
Caterina Rizzo, Francesco Monitillo, Massimo Iacoviello
World J Cardiol 8(8):447-455. Published online Aug 26, 2016. doi: 10.4330/wjc.v8.i8.447
Application of appropriate use criteria for percutaneous coronary intervention in Japan  
Taku Inohara, Shun Kohsaka, Ikuko Ueda, Takashi Yagi, Yohei Numasawa, Masahiro Suzuki, Yuichiro Maekawa, Keiichi Fukuda
World J Cardiol 8(8):456-463. Published online Aug 26, 2016. doi: 10.4330/wjc.v8.i8.456
Retrospective Cohort Study
Rationale and design of the cardiorespiratory fitness and hospitalization events in armed forces study in Eastern Taiwan  
Gen-Min Lin, Yi-Hwei Li, Chung-Jen Lee, Jeng-Chuan Shiang, Ko-Huan Lin, Kai-Wen Chen, Yu-Jung Chen, Ching-Fen Wu, Been-Sheng Lin, Yun-Shun Yu, Felicia Lin, Fung-Ying Su, Chih-Hung Wang
World J Cardiol 8(8):464-471. Published online Aug 26, 2016. doi: 10.4330/wjc.v8.i8.464
Observational Study
Noninvasive model including right ventricular speckle tracking for the evaluation of pulmonary hypertension  
Yossra Mahran, Robert Schueler, Marcel Weber, Carmen Pizarro, Georg Nickenig, Dirk Skowasch, Christoph Hammerstingl
World J Cardiol 8(8):472-480. Published online Aug 26, 2016. doi: 10.4330/wjc.v8.i8.472
Relationship between coronary calcium score and high-risk plaque/significant stenosis  
Kohichiro Iwasaki, Takeshi Matsumoto
World J Cardiol 8(8):481-487. Published online Aug 26, 2016. doi: 10.4330/wjc.v8.i8.481
Systematic Reviews
Acquired aortocameral fistula occurring late after infective endocarditis: An emblematic case and review of 38 reported cases  
Salah A M Said, Massimo A Mariani
World J Cardiol 8(8):488-495. Published online Aug 26, 2016. doi: 10.4330/wjc.v8.i8.488