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Markus Mitterhauser (MM) holds the venia docendi for radiopharmacy. His main focus and research interest is to bring new imaging biomarkers into clinical application. Main scientific tool in this background is preclinical research. MM is the speaker of the preclinical imaging node (http://cluster.meduniwien.ac.at/mic/science-research/preclinical-imaging/). As Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann INstitute Applied Diagnostics, MM is responsible for all radiopharmaceutical and preclinical questions. MM is an internationally acknowledged expert for the development and preclinical evaluation of new imaging biomarkers, who was trained in leading laboratories in Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, France and Austria, where he generated knowledge, insights and know-how in the development of new imaging biomarkers and the evaluation in preclinical methods. MM is familiar with preclinical approaches and relevant techniques or biology methods in experimental nuclear medicine. MM also covers background and physics of imaging .