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Dr. Xi Jin, Associate Chief Physician in Gastroenterology, has been studying and working in this arena for over ten years. After graduating from Zhejiang University with PhD degree in Gastroenterology, I am devoting myself to treat patients and explore the underling mechanisms. As a clinician, I can not only independently treat various digestive diseases, but also grasp different GI endoscopic skills including EMR, ESD, ultrasound endoscope, et al. As a researcher, my major research interests focus on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and noncoding RNA (microRNA, long noncoding RNA and circular RNA). I have published 51 SCI articles (17 as first author, 5 as corresponding author, 11 as co-first author) in several high rank journals including Gut and Journal of Hepatology, with total impact factor over 100 and total citation over 300 (. Especially, the identification of HDMCP function in NAFLD was published in Journal of Hepatology (2009 50: 1019-28) with editorial comment (2009, 50:857-860) while the exploration of different microRNA expression pattern in NAFLD and in the transition from steatosis to NASH were published in Dig Liver Dis (2009, 41(4): 289- 97) and J Gastroenterol Hepatol (2012; 27(2): 331-40), where the latter also got editorial comment (JGH. 2012, 27(2): 187-8). I have also taken charge of 3 projects of Natural Scientific Foundation of China and 1 project of Natural Scientific Foundation of Zhejiang province.