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Professor Khattab M, has been graduated in Medicine from Cairo university, Egypt on December 1973 with the MBBCH DEGREE IN Medicine and Surgery. Khattab served as assistant lecturer in internal medicine in Minia University through the period from 1980 to 1978. Then, he got the doctrine (PhD) degree in internal medicine on 1987 from Al-Azhar University, Egypt. He was promoted to the degree of assistant professor on 1987 and to the degree of associate professor on 1992. Khattab M, was promoted as a professor of medicine on 1997 where he served at this position in Minia University till 2001 when he got the position of head of internal medicine department, Minia University till the year 2007. On 2007, professor Khattab was promoted to be the Vice Dean of faculty of Medicine for community affairs, then he was promoted to be the vice Dean for postgraduate and research affairs on 2009. Through the period from 2008 up to date professor Khattab is serving as a faculty member in the promotion committee of the Egyptian universities. Prof. Khattab was awarded from the Egyptian ministry of high education and scientific research for the prize of international publication on 2013. He also, was honored the Minia University award of excellence, on 2013.