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Dr. Kang is a medical doctor, researcher and epidemiologist.

He has majored in statistic, epidemiology  as well as medicine (Anesthesiology and Pain medicine).

His academic degrees are as belows;

   -Medical Doctor

  -Master and Ph.D in anesthesiology

  -Bachelor in Information statistics
  -MPH in Epidemiology
  -Ph.D. candidate in Epidemiology

Dr. Kang has worked as statistical editor, statistical consultant for the journal or research institute.

His careers as a statistician are as below;

    -Previous statistical editor, Korean Journal of Anesthesiology

    -Statistical round member, Korean Journal of Anesthesiology
    -Consultant of Statistics, Korean Journal of Clinical Geriatrics
    -Consultant of Biostatistics, Research Insititute for Medicine and Pharmacy, Chung-Ang University College of Medicine

    - Consultatnt or researcher of Korea Medical Association and Health Insurance of Korea

As a doctor, he majors in Anesthesiology, and my subspecialty is anesthesia for general, pediatric and cardiac surgery.

Dr. Kang has boards for Korean Board of Medical Examiners, Korean Board of Anesthesiology, Korean Board of Echocardiography and Subspecialty in Critical Care Medicine.

As a researcher, he has studied preclinical, clinical, epidemiologic research. He published more than 180 articles. He also have special interest in the systematic review and meta-analysis and published more than 20 systematic review and meta-analysis article.