Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. May 26, 2020; 8(10): 1995-2000
Published online May 26, 2020. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v8.i10.1995
Table 1 Laboratory evaluation of the patient
VariablePatient dataNormal rangeVariablePatient dataNormal range
Plasma total protein32.4 g/L65–85 g/LIgE496 IU/ML0-100 IU/mL
Albumin20.7 g/L40-55 g/LIgM0.38 g/L0.44-1.44 g/L
Globulin11.7 g/L20-40 g/LUrinalysis
Calcium1.88 mmol/L2.19-2.69 mmol/LRed blood cell count19.8/μL0-4/μL
T lymphocytes/lymphocytes53.55%50%-84%White blood cell count0.66/μL0-10/μL
T lymphocyte587.39 cells/μL690-2540 cells/μLUrine protein0.3 g/L0 g/L
B lymphocytes/lymphocytes23.84%5%-18%Urine protein0.17 g/24 h0-0.1 g/24 h
B lymphocytes256.80 cells/μL90-660 cells/μLAfter treatment
NK cells/lymphocytes19.45%7%-40%Plasma total protein44.1 g/L65-85 g/L
NK cells209.50 cells/μL90-590 cells/μLAlbumin32.2 g/L40–-55 g/L
IgA0.18 g/L0.34-3.18 g/LGlobulin11.9 g/L20-40 g/L
IgG2.76 g/L5.00-10.6 g/LCalcium2.17 mmol/L2.19–2.69 mmol/L