Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jan 21, 2022; 10(3): 1106-1115
Published online Jan 21, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i3.1106
Table 1 Characteristics of metastasis to the thyroid gland from primary breast cancer in reports from 2000 to 2020
Study year
No of patients
Primary tumor
Other recurrence
Time interval (mo)
Follow-up (mo)
Wang et al [8], 2020-1F58MucinousNil156Neck swellingThyroidectomyStable9 alive
Durmo et al[10], 2019-1F72Ductal--Abnormality of 18F-FDG PET/CT---
Pensabene et al[11], 20182011-20151F64LobularNil6Multinodular goiterHemithyroidectomyRecurrence in bone32
Zhou et al[12], 20172005-20158F48Poorly differentiatedChest wall84-ChemotherapyPR14 alive
59InvasiveChest wall24ChemotherapyCR5 alive
57InvasiveLN, lung108ChemotherapyCR21 alive
67DuctalNil74ChemotherapyCR4 alive
48DuctalLung120Total thyroidectomyCR15 alive
52DuctalNil6HemithyroidectomyCR45 alive
69Poorly differentiatedNil60Total thyroidectomyCR38 alive
43MedullaryLN84ChemotherapyPR30 alive
Plonczak et al[13], 20172004-20171F62DuctalLung, bone144Neck swelling Total thyroidectomyStable14 alive
Magers et al[14], 2016-1F37DuctalBrain, bone72----
Liu et al[15], 20142007-20091F47DuctalNil24Enlarged thyroid with diffuse microcalcification---
Nguyen et al[16], 2013-1F67LobularNil48----
Lacka et al[17], 2012-1F54Ductal + lobularBone, suprarenal gland168Multinodular goiterTotal thyroidectomy-36 alive
Kolarevic et al[18], 20122002-20111F54Ductal + lobularNil84Palpable thyroid nodulesChemotherapy and hemithyroidectomyPR24 alive
Leboeuf et al[20], 20061989-20051F59DuctalMediastinal, lung, LN, adrenal 168Unpalpable thyroid nodulesTotal thyroidectomy12
Skowronska Jozwiak et al[19], 2010-2F49LobularNil0Palpable thyroid nodulesTotal thyroidectomy--
65-lung48Palpable thyroid nodulesDisqualified--
Peteiro et al [23], 2005-1F42DuctalNil0Palpable thyroid nodulesHemithyroidectomy--
Garrido et al [21], 20062003-20051F43-Nil24Palpable thyroid nodules, hoarseness, dysphonia, dysphagiaTotal thyroidectomy and chemotherapyCarcinomatous lymphangitis1
Cichoń et al[22], 20061993-20051F50-Nil120Multinodular goiterTotal thyroidectomyStable24 alive
Owens et al[24], 2005-1F64InvasiveNil60Neck swelling and painChemotherapy--
Kim et al[7], 20051997-20035F36DuctalLN, lung18Palpable thyroid nodulesChemotherapyStable6 alive
34DuctalLung, scalp25Multinodular goiterChemotherapyStable17 alive
44DuctalNil37Palpable thyroid nodulesChemotherapyStable4 alive
55DuctalLung, parotid gland68Multinodular goiterChemotherapyPD26
45DuctalNeck LN, lung, bone85Palpable thyroid nodulesChemotherapyStable8 alive
Wood et al[26], 20041985–20021F72InvasiveNil180-Total thyroidectomyStable36 alive
Mistelou et al[9], 20191998-20133F62DuctalPleura, chest wall, lung, heart, liver-----
76DuctalPleura, bone, chest wall, lung, adrenal-----
76LobularChest wall, pleura, lung, bone, liver-----
Ridder et al[28], 2003-1F-Lobular---Hemithyroidectomy-19
Chung et al[30], 20011995-20006F49Lung, bone
51Lung, bone, liver
32Lung, liver
22Bone, peritoneum
Bult et al[31], 2000-1F64InvasiveNil144Palpable thyroid nodulesChemotherapy + radiation No response10
Loo et al[29], 2003-1F52Ductalbone96Palpable thyroid nodulesChemotherapyStable24 alive
Gong et al[25], 2005-1F57MetaplasticNil24Palpable thyroid nodules, hoarseness, dysphasia---
Jimenez et al[27], 2004-1F37-Nil36Acute thyroiditisTotal thyroidectomyStable7 alive
Current study2015-20201F49Ductalneck LN36Enlarged homogeneous thyroidChemotherapyStable6 alive