Retrospective Study
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World J Clin Cases. Nov 6, 2020; 8(21): 5149-5158
Published online Nov 6, 2020. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v8.i21.5149
Table 1 Summary of the demographic and clinical characteristics of 12 patients
Maximal diameter (mm)
Neck size (mm)
D/N ratio
Balloon location in operation
Residual aneurysm neck found by intraoperative DSA
Vessel stenosis found by intraoperative DSA
Times of intraoperative DSA
Thromboembolic event
mRS at discharge
Aneurysm recurrence during follow-up
156/FR25.34.55.6C2-C3 of ICA+Ophthalmic artery and ICA stenosis3-0No
254/FR21.413.41.6Aneurysm neck+ICA stenosis3-0No
335/FR13. neck--1-0No
445/FL17.16.52.6C2-C3 of ICA--1-0No
564/FR23.89.33.9Aneurysm neck--1-0No
656/FL25.97.12.6C2-C3 of ICA--1Ischemic infarction in operation1-2No
762/FR26.815.41.7Aneurysm neck+-2-0No
869/FL13.24.72.8C2-C3 of ICA--1-0No
967/FR10.55.91.8C2-C3 of ICA--1-0No
1045/FR38.13.99.8C2-C3 of ICA--1-0No
1143/ML14.14.82.9C2-C3 of ICA--1-0No
1259/FL33.08.33.5Aneurysm neck--1-0No