Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jan 21, 2022; 10(3): 1024-1031
Published online Jan 21, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i3.1024
Table 1 Clinical characteristics of 28 Parkinson’s disease patients with concomitant Othello syndrome and impulse control disorders
Age at PD onset
Age at OS onset
PD duration at OS onset
Dopamine agonist
Visual hall-ucinations
Psychiatry history
Measures undertaken
Poletti et al[6]Patient 1 M456015PG + HS + BEPramipexoleYesN/AN/ANoN/A
Poletti et al[6]Patient 2M506212HS + PG + DDSRopiniroleYesN/AN/ANoN/A
Poletti et al[6]Patient 3 M67769HSPramipexoleYesN/AN/ANoN/A
Poletti et al[6]Patient 4M425210HSRopiniroleNoN/AN/ANoN/A
Poletti et al[6]Patient 5M34406HS + PGPramipexoleNoN/AN/ANoN/A
Poletti et al[6]Patient 6 M485810HSRopiniroleYesN/AN/ANoN/A
Poletti et al[6]Patient 7 M617211HSPramipexoleYesN/AN/ANoN/A
Poletti et al[6]Patient 8 M57658PG + punding + HSRopiniroleYesN/AN/ANoN/A
Poletti et al[6]Patient 9 M47525HS + PGRopiniroleNoN/AN/ANoN/A
Cannas et al[8]Patient 10 M44462HSPergolideNoAnxiety, depressionN/ANoReduced pergolide, added quetiapine
Cannas et al[9]Patient 11 M44495HSPergolide NoN/ANormalNoStopped pergolide, added quentiape
Adam et al[10]Patient 12 M38391HS + CSCabergolineN/AHypomaniaN/AN/AStopped cabergoline, STN-DBS
Adam et al[10]Patient 13 M32342PG + DDSPergolide N/ANoN/AN/AStopped pergolide, STN-DBS
Graff-Radford et al[11]Patient 14 M49589HSPramipexoleN/ANoN/AN/AStopped pramipexole
Graff-Radford et al[11]Patient 15 M39423HS + PGPramipexoleN/ANoNormalN/AStopped pramipexole
Graff-Radford et al[11]Patient 16F536411CSPramipexoleN/AAnxietyNormal CTN/AStopped prmipexole
Graff-Radford et al[11]Patient 17M43496HSRopiniroleN/ADepressionNormalN/AStopped ropinirole
Graff-Radford et al[11]Patient 18M50566HS + PGPramipexoleN/ANoN/AN/AStopped prmipexole
Graff-Radford et al[11]Patient 19F435613HSPramipexoleN/AAnxietyOld right basal ganglia infarctN/AReduced prmipexole
Graff-Radford et al[11]Patient 20M49512HS + CSRopiniroleN/AAnxietyNormalN/AStopped ropinirole
Foley et al[12]Patient 21M51NANAHSRopiniroleYesN/Amild left fronto-temporal atrophyN/AReduced ropinirole
Foley et al[12]Patient 22F47NANACSRopiniroleYesN/ANormalN/AStopped ropinirole
Foley et al[12]Patient 23M36NANAHS + CS + PGRopiniroleN/AN/ANormalN/AReduced ropinirole
Foley et al[12]Patient 24F50NANACSRopiniroleYesN/ANormalN/AN/A
Foley et al[12]Patient 25M60NANAHSRotigotineYesN/ANormalN/AN/A
El Otmani et al[13]Patient 26M37403HSPramipexoleN/AN/AN/ANoReduced pramipexole, added clozaping
El Otmani et al[13]Patient 27M40444PundingPiribedilN/AN/AN/ANoReduced piribedil, added quetiapine
This studyPatient 28 M60699BE+HSPramipexoleYesNoMild bilateral frnto-remporal atrophyYesReduced pramipexole, added quetiapine