Systematic Reviews
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World J Diabetes. Feb 15, 2019; 10(2): 96-113
Published online Feb 15, 2019. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v10.i2.96
Table 5 GRADE assessment for acute effects of RJ administration on glycemic control
GRADE criteriaRatingSupport for judgementOverall quality of evidence
Outcomes: Acute glycemic control outcomes (n = 4 studies)
RoB (assessed on Cochrane RoB Collaboration Tool)NoMajority of studies had overall high RoB, likely affecting the study resultsHigh
Serious (-1)
Very serious (-2)1
InconsistencyNoOutcome effects are somewhat consistent, and studied population are similar enough to not be considered detrimental to evidence quality. Intervention, however, was heterogeneous across all relevant studiesModerate
Serious (-1) 1
Very serious (-2)
IndirectnessNo1Research question is addressed by majority of the animal studiesLow
Serious (-1)
Very serious (-2)
ImprecisionNoAll studies have groups with small sample sizes (≤ 20), with no indication that they meet required sample sizes to detect difference in outcome. For those with calculable effect sizes, the confidence intervals suggest potential for no appreciable benefitVery low1
Serious (-1)
Very serious (-2) 1
Publication biasUndetected1There is chance of publication bias considering the review is entirely “small-scale” trials; this area of research is not well-established and there is potential for publication bias, but none was overtly detected
Strongly suspected (-1)
OtherLarge effect (+1 or +2)Some dose response relationships observed, however not enough studies to confirm this relationship. Insufficient effect size estimates to determine if effect is large or not
Dose response (+1 or +2)
No plausible confounding (+1 or +2)