Systematic Reviews
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World J Diabetes. Feb 15, 2019; 10(2): 96-113
Published online Feb 15, 2019. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v10.i2.96
Table 1 Human trials examining acute effects of royal jelly treatment
Ref.Study designSubjectsTreatmentOutcome measuresEffectiveness
Iaconelli et al[24]Crossover studyN = 10 + 10 healthy individuals and individuals with type 2 diabetesEach subject went through three studies on different days: 0 g, 12 g, or 23 g of sebacic acid substituted fats in a mealGlucose clearance: PostprandialSignificantly improved glucose clearance in diabetic subjects only in dose-dependent manner (d = -1.70)
Insulin secretion/clearance rateSignificantly improved GLUT4 expression (d = 0.81) and glucose uptake in L6 cells (d = 0.67)
GLUT4 expression in L6 myotube cellsInsulin secretion/clearance decreases significantly in similar fashion between healthy and diabetic patients. Dose-response relationship. For diabetics, d = -1.12
Mobasseri et al[25]Randomized controlled trialN = 20 + 20 adults with type 2 diabetes aged 30-65 in control and treatment groups15 g of royal jelly ingested orally after overnight fastingHyperglycemia: Fasting blood glucose, glucose clearance after royal jelly consumptionNo significant difference in outcome measures between two groups
Hyperinsulinemia: Serum c-peptide and insulin
Münstedt et al[26]Controlled trialN= 10 + 10 healthy males, split into experimental and control groups20 g of fresh royal jelly ingested orallyGlucose clearance: Plasma samples during OGTTSignificantly increased rate of glucose clearance (insufficient information for effect size calculation)
Insulin resistance: Serum insulin and c-peptideNo significant change in serum insulin profile
Münstedt et al[27]Randomized controlled trialN = 15 healthy male adults aged 20-34, unspecified distribution between treatment and control groups0.55 g lyophilized royal jelly in enteric-coated capsule ingested orallyHyperglycemia: Glucose clearance (OGTT)Improved glucose clearance and decreased plasma insulin, unspecified statistical significance (insufficient information for effect size calculation)
Insulin resistance: Serum insulin and c-peptide