Systematic Reviews
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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 7, 2015; 21(41): 11854-11861
Published online Nov 7, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i41.11854
Table 1 Characteristics of reported orthotopic murine models of human colon cancer
TechniqueAuthorYearMice typeCell-line usedTumor development (%)/originLymph node metastasis (%)Distant metastasis (%)
Open surgicalOgata1998NudeHuman colon carcinoma KM12 SM cells100/Mural2510 (Lung) 50 (Liver)
Hackl2012NudeHuman colon cancer cells, transfected with hCG and luciferase87.5-100/Mural5025 (Lung) 50 (Liver)
Priolli2012NudeColorectal adenocarcinoma cell line (CCL-218)42.8/Mural0000
Enema modelTakahashi2004NudeHuman colon cancer cells, LS174T95/MucosalNSNS
Kishimoto2013NudeMouse rectal cancer cells, expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP)100/Mucosal9090 (Lung) 09 (Liver)
MicroinjectionDonigan2009NudeMurine colon cancer (CT26) cells65/MuralNA3.3
Zigmond2011NudeMurine colon cancer C57BL/6 CRC cells95/MuralNANA
Human colon cancer cells SW620, SW480 and LS174T
Transanal low dose electrocoagulationBhullar2010Nude/SCIDMurine cell line CRL-2639, CRL-263892-100/Mucosal50-10041-50
Human cell line HT-29, LS-174T58-100/Mucosal33-830-83.33