Basic Study
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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 7, 2020; 26(45): 7118-7130
Published online Dec 7, 2020. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v26.i45.7118
Figure 1
Figure 1 Variation in the CagA (Glu-Pro-Ile-Tyr-Ala)-A region from the Dominican Republic strains. A: CagA Glu-Pro-Ile-Tyr-Ala (EPIYA)-A region in 52 strains without containing “GKDKGPE” motif (excluding two AC-type strains); B: CagA EPIYA-A region in 30 strains containing “GKDKGPE” motif. The reference sequences[19] are shown at the bottom of the figure (green); C: Most frequent Western-type CagA EPIYA-A region; D: Most frequent East Asian-type CagA EPIYA-A region.
Figure 2
Figure 2 Box plot diagram of the ancestral Africa1 components in the hpEurope population classified by the presence or absence of the Africa1 CagA-multimerization motif. The difference in the ancestral Africa1 ratio between the bacterial populations was investigated using the Wilcoxon rank-sum test. AA1: Ancestral Africa1; Af1-CM: Africa1 CagA-multimerization.