Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Feb 26, 2024; 12(6): 1163-1168
Published online Feb 26, 2024. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v12.i6.1163
Table 1 Cases about sigmoid intussusception presenting as rectal prolapse
Site of intussusception
Younes et al[2], 1998FSigmoidLipomaRectal prolapseYesSigmoid colon resection, and rectopexy
Tony et al[3], 2007FColo-colonicLipomaRectal prolapseNoExternal surgical resection
Chen et al[4], 2008MIleocolicLipomaAbdominal pain, rectal prolapseYesSubtotal colectomy
Ochiai et al[5], 2010FSigmoidAdenocarcinomaAbdominal pain, rectal prolapseYesIntraoperative reduction and low anterior resection
Teyha et al[6], 2011MSigmoidIdiopathicRectal prolapseNoSigmoid colon resection
Roy et at[7], 2011FSigmoidIdiopathicRectal prolapseYesPartial resection of the sigmoid colon
Elliott et al[8], 2014MSigmoidLipomaObstruction, rectal bleeding, rectal prolapseYesSigmoid colon resection
Mahmood et al[9], 2014MColo-colonicVillous adenomaRectal prolapse, obstructionYesIntraoperative reduction and sigmoid colon resection
Du et al[10], 2015FSigmoid-rectumTubulovillous adenomaObstruction, rectal bleeding, rectal prolapseYesTotal colectomy
West et al[11], 2019FSigmoidPolypRectal prolapse, hematocheziaNoEnterotomy and polypectomy
Mazumdar et al[12], 2021MSigmoid–rectumAdenocarcinomaAbdominal pain, rectal prolapseNoHartmann's procedure
West et al[13], 2022FSigmoidLipomaRectal bleeding, rectal prolapseNoHartmann's procedure
Penton et al[14], 2023MSigmoidAdenocarcinomaRectal prolapseYesSigmoid colon resection