Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jun 26, 2024; 12(18): 3596-3602
Published online Jun 26, 2024. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v12.i18.3596
Table 1 Literature review of articles reporting lung infection of Eikinella corrodens
Sole bacteria
Type of study
Forming a draining sinus
Hu et al[16], 2020NoCase report LungYesNoYes
Abellán Martínez et al[17], 2000YesCase report and reviewLungYesNoYes
Hironaka et al[18], 1998YesCase reportLung UnknownYesYes
Salem et al[19], 1996YesCase reportLungUnknownNoYes
Fujii et al[20], 1995YesCase reportLungUnknownNoYes
Hsu et al[21], 1989YesCase reportLungUnknownNoYes
Moro et al[22], 1988YesCase reportLungUnknownNoYes
Joshi et al[23], 1991YesCase reportLungUnknownUnknownYes