Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jun 6, 2023; 11(16): 3899-3906
Published online Jun 6, 2023. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v11.i16.3899
Table 1 Patient’s physical examination and psychological test outcomes at age of 8 years
Physical examination parameters

    BCVA, LogMAR (OD/OS)0.00/0.10
    SER(D), (OD/OS)-2.875/0.375
    Eye movementNormal
    Fundus oculiNormal
    Confrontational visual field testNot defected
Neurologic examinationMildly poor performance in diadochokinesis and finger opposition test
Psychological test parameter
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV
    Full scale intelligence quotient75
    Subtest digit span, SD-0.67
Developmental test for visual perception
    Perceptional quotient64
    Subtest I/II/III/IV/V, perceptual age equivalent (year:month)5:03/5:00/4:06/5:08/6:06
Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children II
    Cognitive ability62
    Sequential processing/simultaneous processing/planning/learning68/60/66/69
    Academic achievement84
    Subtest reading/decoding13
    Subtest reading and comprehension6
    Subtest verbal knowledge11
    Subtest expressive vocabulary6
Hiragana reading test
Reading time/error, SD
    Single mora task+5.17/+6.63
    Word task (words)+4.06/+0.86
    Word task (non-words)+2.95/+3.25
    Sentence task+5.52/+2.00
Phonological awareness task (mora reversal task)
Error, SD
    Three-mora word+0.66
    Four-mora word+2.70