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World J Clin Cases. Jun 6, 2023; 11(16): 3736-3749
Published online Jun 6, 2023. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v11.i16.3736
Table 1 Drugs for the management of diabetic-cornea
1Topical thymosin β4Non-healing epithelial defect
2Topical autologous serumPromote corneal wound healing
3Topical CT-112Reduction in corneal barrier effect
4Topical insulinQuicker reepithelization after epithelial scraping for vitreoretinal surgeries
5Topical insulinPrevent sub-basal nerve plexus loss
6Topical insulinPromote wound healing
7Topical ranirestatPromote wound healing, control the expression of MMP-10 and integrin α3 expression
8Injection IGF-1Prevention of stem cell loss and improve sub-basal nerve plexus density
9Topical naltrexoneNormalize corneal epithelial wound healing, tear film, and corneal sensations
10Nateglinide and glibenclamideInhibit descemet membrane changes
11Ciliary neurotrophic factorImprove epithelial stem cells, increase nerve density and promote epithelial healing
12Topical nerve growth factorReduced apoptosis and inflammation
13IL-1 antagonistsReduced apoptosis, faster wound healing, sensory stimulation, improved Akt signaling
14Substance PImproved wound healing, reinnervation, and reactivation of EGFR/Akt signaling