Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jul 6, 2022; 10(19): 6626-6635
Published online Jul 6, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i19.6626
Table 1 Clinical and magnetic resonance imaging features of 9 cases with intrahepatic extramedullary hematopoiesis
T1WI (compared to liver)
T2WI (compared to liver)
Underlying condition
Case 1HypointenseHeterogeneousIn-phase low, out-phase highHeterogeneous and persistentThyroid carcinoma and lung adenocarcinoma
Case 2Slightly hypointenseSlightly hyperintenseIn-phase low, out-phase highDelayedHodgkin’s lymphoma
Case 3HypointenseHyperintenseIn-phase low, out-phase highAvid in arterial phase and “washout” in later phasesUnknown
Lee et al[2]Slightly hypointenseHyperintenseNAHomogeneous, avid and persistentIdiopathic myelofibrosis
Belay et al[8]HypointenseHypointense1NAAvid and persistentMyelodysplastic syndrome
Zhang and Zhu[9]Slightly hypointenseHyperintenseWithout signal intensity changeHomogeneous avid in arterial phase and isointense in later phasesIdiopathic myelofibrosis
Tamm et al[12]HypointenseHyperintenseNADelayedGaucher disease
Jelali et al[24]Slightly hyperintenseSlightly hyperintenseNADelayedSickle cell disease
Wong et al[17]HyperintenseHeterogeneousNADelayedβ-Thalassemia