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World J Clin Cases. Nov 6, 2019; 7(21): 3384-3393
Published online Nov 6, 2019. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v7.i21.3384
Table 1 Clinical outcomes of endoscopic submucosal dissection for remnant gastric cancer
Ref.Initial surgeryNo. of ESD lesionsSuture line/ anastomo-sisEn bloc resectionComplete resectionCurative resectionComplications
5-yr OS
Takenaka et al[35], 2008DG311296.8%NA74.2%013%NA
Hirasaki et al[36], 2008DG17NA100%82.4%82.4%17.6%0NA
Lee et al[37], 2010DG136100%92%85%00NA
Hoteya et al[38], 2010Gastrectomy or EG40NANA95.0%80%5.0%2.5%NA
Nishide et al[39], 2012Gastrectomy or EG622995%85%85%8%18%NA
Nonaka et al[40], 201 3PG/DG/PPG1394794%85%78%1.4%1.4%87.3%
Tanaka et al[41], 2014DG3311100%93.9%93.9%3.0%9.1%NA
Ojima et al[42], 2014DG/PG/ Gastric conduit/ Partial gastrectomy498100%85.7%81.6%2%12.2%NA
Yamashina et al[43], 2015DG/PG42NANANANA04.8%81.8%
Ojima et al[44], 2016PG/DG/PD/EG34NA10085.3NANANA99.5%
Lee et al[45], 2016DG18988.9%91.7%91.7%05.6%NA
Song et al[46], 2017PD/DG31490%77%71%6%3%NA
Fukui et al[30], 2018DG80NANANA68%NANANA
Yabuuchi et al[47], 2019PG/DG/PPG1577395.5%84.7%70.9%9.6%11.5%88.4%
Nomura et al[48], 2018PG/DG/PPG13864NA89.1%77.5%4.3%2.2%NA