Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Sep 6, 2019; 7(17): 2505-2512
Published online Sep 6, 2019. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v7.i17.2505
Table 2 Features of 25 case reports from 2000-2019
AuthorsSexAverage ageSerum angiotensin-converting enzymeChest computed tomographyChest X-raySite of lesionExtracutaneous involvement other than the lungs
Barnadas et al[16], 2000F38NormalNormalNormalUpper and lower limbsMalaise, joint pains
Girão et al[17], 2000M37ElevatedLymphadenopathyLower limbHands and feet arthralgia
Dalle Vedove et al[18], 20111F/1M752/2 Elevated1/2 Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy, 1/2 Lymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltration2/2 NormalUpper and lower limbs1/2 Uveitis
Kim et al[19], 2014M61ElevatedNormalTrunkRenal
Fichtel et al[20], 2006F42ElevatedNormalUpper and lower limbsNone
Bosnic et al[21], 2010F51ElevatedNormalFaceNone
Kim et al[22], 2017M33Lymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltrationFace, toeNone
Won et al[23], 2016F54NormalLower limbNone
Marcoval et al[24], 2008F49ElevatedLymphadenopathyUpper and lower limbsNone
Dulgueroy et al[25], 2015F34ElevatedLymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltrationFaceNone
Ruangchaijatuporn et al[26], 2016M56NormalLower limbNone
Watanbe et al[27], 2007F70ElevatedLymphadenopathyLower limbPolyneuropathy of limbs
Janegova et al[28], 2016F59Lymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltrationFootNone
Yamaguchi et al[29], 2013F85ElevatedLymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltrationLymphadenopathyUpper and lower limbsJoints arthralgia
Mori et al[30], 2018F72ElevatedLower limbRenal and cardiac dysfunction
Kwan et al[31], 2015F53ElevatedLymphadenopathyUpper and lower limbsNone
Miida et al[32], 2009F62ElevatedLymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltrationLymphadenopathyUpper limbsUveitis, renal dysfunction, splenic nodules
Bianchini et al[33], 2010F38ElevatedNormalNormalFaceNone
Kerner et al[34], 2008F53LymphadenopathyLymphadenopathyUpper and lower limbsFacial nerve palsy, arthralgia
Kim et al[35], 2013F52ElevatedLymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltrationLymphadenopathyUpper and lower limbsNone
Guccione et al[36], 2017M40LymphadenopathyUpper limbs, trunkNone
Meyer-Gonzalez et al[37], 20113F52.61/3 Normal, 2/3 Elevated1/3 Lymphadenopathy, 2/3 Lymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltration3/3 LymphadenopathyUpper and lower limbsDactylitis, lower limb weakness
Moscatelli et al[38], 2011M41Lymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltrationNormalHandNone
Shigemitsu et al[39], 2008F65LymphadenopathyUpper extremityNone
Celik et al[40], 2010F53ElevatedLymphadenopathy with pulmonary infiltrationLymphadenopathyFootNone