Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. May 26, 2024; 12(15): 2642-2648
Published online May 26, 2024. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v12.i15.2642
Table 1 Summary of cases of tuberous sclerosis complex with primary lymphedema from 1986 to 2023
NoRef.YearNumberGenderAge (yr)EdemasiteGeneTreatment
1Cottafava et al[16]19861Female7Left lower limbUnknownAnti convulsive drugs + anti ACTH drugs
2Hirsch et al[17]19991Female28Left lower limbUnknownSubcutaneous lymphangiectomy + diuretic + elastic socks
3Voudris et al[18]20031Female5Left lower limbUnknownUnknown
4Lucas and Andrade[19]20111Female1Right lower limbTSC1Unknown
5Sukulal and Namboodiri[12]20121Female0Left lower limbUnknownUnknown
6Navarre and Poitras[13]20141Male5Left lower limbTSC2Fasectomy + toe amputation + antibiotics + enoxaparin + warfarin
7Prato et al[20]20141Female4Left upper limbTSC2Carbamazepine + topiramate + everolimus + amoxicillin-clavulanate potassium
8Geffrey et al[9]20142Female/Female8/15Left lower limb/Left lower limbTSC2/TSC2Rapamycin + lymphedema therapy
9Hoshiai et al[21]20152Female/Female2/0Right lower limb/Right upper limbUnknownUnknown
10Saffari et al[22]20191Male6lower limb but unknown left and rightTSC2Everolimus
11Wiemer-Kruel et al[14]20201Male7Left lower limbTSC2Levetiracetam + repair of aortic aneurysm + everolimus
12Kaneshi et al[15]20201Male0lower limb but unknown left and rightUnknownIleostomy decompression + antibiotics + lymphedema therapy
13Lin et al[11]20201Male3Left lower limbTSC1Albumin + diuretics
14Klinner et al[23]20201Female0Right lower limbTSC1Aminohexenoic acid + lymphatic drainage + bandage compression
15This case20231Male16Right lower limbTSC2Sirolimus + oxcarbazepine + liposuction