Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. May 26, 2024; 12(15): 2597-2605
Published online May 26, 2024. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v12.i15.2597
Table 3 Summary of previously reported cases of pituitary metastasis from lung adenocarcinoma
Age (yr)
Tumor Supply
Asim and Elashaal[13]202354FNoneACTH (low), COTR (low), LH (low), FSH (low), TES (low), TSH (low), FT3 (low), FT4 (low)RT, STNDAlive, 3 months
Amaral et al[14]202243MHeadache, VFDACTH (low), CORT (low), FSH (low), FT4 (low), TES (low), LH (low)ST, CT, RT, ITRAlive, 15 months
Wong et al[15]202253FVFDNDST, RT, CTNDAlive, 24 months
Han et al[16]202248FHeadache, DIACTH (low), Cort (low), PRL (high)ST, CTNDAlive, 20 months
Lopes et al[17]202162FFatigue, Headache, Nocturia, Polydipsia, BVFT4 (low), CORT (low), ACTH (low), FSH (low), PRL (high)ST, CTRAlive, 24 months
Tanaka et al[9]202180FPolyuria, PolydipsiaADH (low)RT, CTNDAlive, 7 months
Liu et al[3]202153MBV, DI, VFD, Polyuria, Vomit, FatigueCORT (low), TSH (high), T4 (low), FSH (low), LH (low), PRL (high)STRDead, 4 months
Watanabe et al[18]202070MAnorexiaADH (low), ACTH (low), CORT (low), FSH (low), LH (low), TSH (low)RT, CTNDDead, 5 months
Rajakumar et al[19]202049FHeadache, VFDLH (low), FSH (low), CORT (low), TES (low), FT4 (low)ST, RT, CTNRND
Alhashem et al[11]202054MHeadache, Droop bilateral eyelidNDSTNRND
Sheahan et al[5]202052FMBACTH (low), CORT (low), FSH (low), TSH (low), PRL (high)ST, CTNDND
Yao et al[20]201967MHeadache, Vomit, ptosisPRL (high), FSH (low), LH (low), ACTH (low), Cort (low)ST, RTNDDead, 3 months
Sirinvaravong et al[21]201972FDIPRL (high), FSH (low), LH (low), TSH (high)STNDDead, 4 months
Gulati et al[12]201547FHeadache, DITSH (low), FSH (low)STNDND
Arai et al[22]201061FVFDNormalST, RTNRAlive, 3 months