Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jan 26, 2023; 11(3): 700-708
Published online Jan 26, 2023. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v11.i3.700
Table 1 Laboratory test results for the proband and her daughter

The proband
The proband’s daughter
RBC ( 1012/L)3.643.553.8-5.1
Hb (g/L)99105115-150
PLT ( 109/L)235110100-300
ALT (IU/mL)1930< 40
AST (IU/mL)2930< 35
ALP (IU/mL)895550-135
CK (IU/L)80NA20-140
CK-MB (ng/mL)0.35NA< 2.88
LDH (IU/mL)232NA120-250
Serum uric acid (μmol/L)313311160-380
Cr (μmol/L)495841-73
eGFR (ml/min/1.73 m2)107.1612156-122
Ca (mmol/L)
P (mmol/L)1.651.110.85-1.51
25-OH-VD (nmol/L)34.9NA47.7-144
PTH (pmol/L)2.96NA1.6-6.9
B-ALP (μg/L)10.57NA11.4-24.6
CTX (ng/mL)0.813NA0.556-1.008
N-MID OC (ng/mL)22.7NA15-46
Growth hormone (ng/mL)0.53NA0.126-9.88
IGF-1 (ng/mL)81.78NA102-212
ACTH (ng/L)19.11NA5-78
Cortisol (8:00 A.M.) (nmol/L)260.8NA147.3-609.3
Cortisol (12:00 P.M.) (nmol/L)68.07NA/
24 h urinary Ca (mmol/L)2.45NA2.5-7.5
24 h urinary P (mmol/L)11.84NA22-48
24 h urinary Mg (mmol/L)1.62NA3-5