Case Report
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World J Psychiatr. Jun 22, 2017; 7(2): 128-132
Published online Jun 22, 2017. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v7.i2.128
Table 1 Neuropsychological results
TestPatient scoreNormal valueResultZ-score
Mini-mental state examination27.1924-29.19Normal0.45
Executive functions: Tower of London2520-36Normal-0.75
Frontal assessment battery15.9813.5-17.3Normal-0.95
Cognitive estimation task19.970-18Failed2.43
Problem solving: Raven’s progressive matrices29.0518.6-33.05Normal0.89
Assessment of cognitive impairment in memory
Verbal memory and learning
Digit Span5.753.75-8.75Normal-0.4
Verbal Learning10.506.50-21.50Normal-0.93
Recall of prose: Immediate and after 10 min3.508.00-27.50Failed-2.92
Spatial short-term memory (Corsi test)4.503.50-8.50Normal-1.20
Attention and speed information processing
Trail making test
Part A33< 93 sNormal
Part B, dual task161< 282 sNormal
Part B-A128< 186 sBorderline score-1.36
Visual search34.2531-51.25Borderline score
Verbal fluency
Phonemic2317-59Borderline score-1.43
Boston naming test3143-60Failed-4.82
Token test3229-36Normal-0.29
Wechsler adult intelligence scale-revisedGeneral IQ = 75 (verbal IQ = 81; performance IQ = 74)80-120Borderline score-2.50
VCI = 5.5; POI = 6.25