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World J Psychiatr. Oct 19, 2021; 11(10): 830-840
Published online Oct 19, 2021. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v11.i10.830
Table 1 Main findings on metabotropic glutamate receptors involvement in rotenone-induced neurotoxicity
Object of study
mGluR type
Luo et al[67], 2019 Cell culture; ratsmGluR5Antagonist MPEP
Bai et al[66], 2018Cell culturemGluR5Agonist CHPG; antagonist MPEP
Xia et al[65], 2015Cell culture, ratsmGluR5Antagonist MPEP
Bashkatova et al[69], 2012RatsmGluR5Antagonist MPEP
Sun et al[64], 2012Cell culture, ratsGroup I mGluRAgonist DHPG
Zhu et al[68], 2012Cell culture, ratsmGluR5Antagonist MPEP
Alam et al[70], 2009RatsmGluR5Antagonist MPEP
Jiang et al[63], 2006 Cell cultureGroup III mGluRAgonist L-AP-4
Table 2 Main finding on the determination of nitric oxide and its products/metabolites in the rotenone model of neurotoxicity
Dose of rotenone
NO or its products/metabolites
Method of NO determination
Kumar et al[91], 20212.0 mg/kg28Nitrite Spectrophotometry
Parkhe et al[92], 20202.0 mg/kg21Nitrite Spectrophotometry
Sharma et al[93], 20202.0 mg/kg28Nitrite Spectrophotometry
Sun et al[80], 20191.5 mg/kg28Nitrate/nitriteNO assay kit
Jayaraj et al[90], 20191.5 mg/kg28Nitrite Spectrophotometry
Abdel-Salam et al[89], 2017 1.5 mg/kg × 37Nitrite Spectrophotometry
Javed et al[86], 20162.5 mg/kg28Nitrite Spectrophotometry
Xiong et al[88], 2015 1.5 mg/kg6Nitrite Spectrophotometry
Tapias et al[23], 20143.0 mg/kgIndividually13-NT (3-nitrotyrosine)Immunofluorescence
Bashkatova et al[69], 20121.5 mg/kg60NO (Nitroxyl radical)EPR
Bashkatova et al[78], 20041.5 mg/kg60NO (Nitroxyl radical)EPR
He et al[76], 20032 mg/kg × 3403-NT (3-nitrotyrosine)HPLC