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World J Psychiatr. Oct 19, 2021; 11(10): 754-773
Published online Oct 19, 2021. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v11.i10.754
Table 1 Different types of yoga interventions
Type of yoga
Ashtanga Six series of postures during breathing exercises
BikramTwenty-six poses and a sequence of two breathing exercises that take place in heated rooms with high humidity
Hatha Basic postures and poses with breath regulation and meditation
Iyengar Focuses on the precise structural alignment of the body
Jivamukti Physically intense challenging postures with meditation
Kripalu Breathing exercises at the beginning, gentle stretches, and series of poses before final relaxation
Kundalini Chanting at the beginning and meditation aiming to release energy
Sivananda Based on a 5-point approach, including proper breathing, diet, relaxation, exercise, and positive thinking
Vini Based on in-depth training aiming to be an expert on anatomy and yoga therapy
Prenatal A type of yoga helping mothers with physical training and meditation
Yin Focuses on releasing tension through different joints