Systematic Reviews
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World J Psychiatr. Sep 22, 2015; 5(3): 305-314
Published online Sep 22, 2015. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v5.i3.305
Table 3 Suggested grading of performance on the months backward test
Simple grading:
0 = The subject cannot engage meaningfully with testing procedures
1 = The subject engages but cannot complete the test, even with prompting
2 = The subject completes the test, but with prompting and/or errors
3 = The subject completes the test without error within 30 s (under 65 years old) or 60 s (over 65 years old)
Detailed grading (e.g., for research)
0 The subject does not understand that they are being assessed? i.e., lacking basic awareness
1 The subject understands that they are being assessed
2 The subject understands the “rules” of the test (i.e., can grasp/ comprehend the test)
3 The subject engages with testing procedures, e.g., recite months forward (i.e., focused attention)
4 The subject engages in a sustained manner, i.e., sustained attention
5 The subject successfully shifts to backwards testing, i.e., shift attention
6 The subject can reach July
7 The subject can reach January
8 If the subject makes any errors, they recognise this and/or try to correct the errors
9 The subject completes the test without errors
10 Completion of the test takes less than 90 s/60 s/30 s