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World J Psychiatr. Nov 19, 2021; 11(11): 1053-1064
Published online Nov 19, 2021. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v11.i11.1053
Table 2 Summary of frequent complaints observed in patients with phantom bite syndrome and proposed terminologies
Phantom bite syndrome
Occlusal dysesthesia
Occlusal hyperawareness
Occlusal hypervigilance
Occlusal neurosis
Positive occlusal sense
Persistent uncomfortable occlusion
Frequent complaints
Abnormal/uncomfortable bite
My bite is off/too high
My jaws are not biting correctly
Jaw looseness and weak bite
Uneven dental bite
Feel uneasy with the bite
I try maneuver to position the bite correctly
I don’t know where my teeth belong anymore
Lack of familiarity with my own bite