Opinion Review
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World J Psychiatr. Jan 19, 2021; 11(1): 1-12
Published online Jan 19, 2021. doi: 10.5498/wjp.v11.i1.1
Figure 2
Figure 2 A causal framework of mental illness. This framework links a multitude of risk/resilience (R/R) features, with adverse outcome pathways (AOPs), the cognitome and brainome, the symptomatome, and phenomenome of mood disorders and schizophrenia. The R/R features are computed as a combination of causal and protective (Pro) genetic and environmental (Environ) features. The AOP feature sets are latent vectors (in reflective models) extracted from molecular or biological pathways/networks (Bio). The cognitome-brainome feature set is a latent vector extracted from cognitive test probe scores (Cog) and brain imaging (Br) scores. The symptomatome is entered as a latent vector extracted from symptom profiles, staging, and phenotypes (SS). The phenomenome is entered as a latent vector extracted from phenomenological data. R/R: Risk/resilience; AOP: Adverse outcome pathway; Pro: Protective; Bio: Biological; SS: Symptom profiles, staging, and phenotypes; Br: Brain imaging; Cog: Cognitive test probe scores.